Kobayashi is a contemporary artist. His artistic roots lie in graffiti, but today his work includes paintings, photography, video, sculptures and installations. Known for his simplified figures and bold use of basic colors, Kobayashi Artist visually designs an easy-to-read graphic language in his work. In works where he draws on comic book designs, Kobayashi Artist simplifies the reduction of the composition to primary colors, which serves to emphasize their mass appeal and largely gives them a “pop” look. Kobayashi Artist is attracted to ancient symbols, which he often applies to his paintings. Through these signs, Kobayashi Artist objectifies the subjective and makes the invisible world visible. We are thus through his paintings in connection with the subtle, refined energy of the universe. There is a tension in Kobayashi’s works – between heightened feeling and absolute insensitivity, bodily detachment and the death of sensory experience.

~ EinsZwei Gallery

Kobayashi Artist signature

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